Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Walk-Around, Hands-on Management with Leading by Example

Walk-around, hands-on management with leading by example is a powerful management tool. Remember, actions mean more than words and those actions speak louder than those words could ever sound. To lead associates to a business unit’s success path, you must first be given the permission of those associates to be their leader. To gain this acceptance and trust, there is no quicker, rock-solid foundation than by walking around, being in the associates’ “lion’s den,” seeing what challenges they face, and rolling up your sleeves to help them through those challenges. Leading an associate through a situation, with the correct procedure for that action, reinforces that you “practice what you preach”, and you would not ask them to do an action that you would not be willing to do yourself. You have a built-in, universal language to speak and demonstrate your expectation levels for those tasks, when you lead by example.

Once you can demonstrate to your associates that you do walk around to see what is really happening and can do, not say, actions by being hands-on, leadership platforms and directing associates can be built and allowed to grow, because your associates are permitting themselves to be led and directed by you.

Go be a leader with walk-around, hands-on management. Forget sending a memo to the associates on how to do it; show them yourself.


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WhoIsMarc? said...

wow.this is impressive writing.very useful and you gave me some thoughts on how I can go about here at work.keep it up man.thanks alot