Monday, November 24, 2008

“NO BAILOUT MONEY FOR YOU” Mr. Small Business Owner, now what? HERE’S WHAT!

Stop Doing That and Start Doing this:

Stop thinking that the end result is what matters.

Start remembering that every step you take is a step closer to your goal’s finish and that the result at the end of your goal’s journey is the total effect of all of your little steps before.

These little steps are not the cause of your success, but the reason it occurred. Put more focus on each and every step. When you do this, you can quickly identify if the steps are getting you to your goal or directing you somewhere else, making your end result a failure. Immediate correction can be taken when you focus on each step as you take it. Once you realize that your steps are going in the right direction, you can commit to those steps with confidence and be able to follow through and finish the tasks until you reach the goal. Results will only be seen when all of the steps already taken are tied together as a solid line to form the chain of events needed on each and every goal in order to achieve success.

Stop the “what ifs.”

Start taking responsibility for your own actions in all situations, even the ones that you cannot totally control.

If it happened to you, your actions, no matter how small a part that they played in the outcome, are still a part of the outcome; so take that portion of the responsibility without hesitation. There are many factors as to why things happen the way they do. Some of your own actions account for it; some do not. No matter the “what ifs,” remember that sitting around and wondering about them will only displace your time and stop you from changing your situation. Stand out of the crowd, accept your situation, and stop questioning, “Why me?” and, “What if?” after you commit to an action of change to resolve the situation. Only then can you execute a plan to change within.

No matter what, you and you alone have the ability to change your situation. It may not be immediate, but change will happen with an executed plan from a person who has first accepted the reality that it is only his actions that can improve this situation. Taking responsibility for actions in your life is a big step to turn your situation into success.

Stop wanting things to stay consistent.

Start understanding that the only consistent thing in life is change.

If you want something to happen, no matter how little of a movement it is within your life, it will never take shape if you do not first embrace the change element behind it. Change is a great catalyst with a specialty to accelerate events and make all things possible. Once you have that mind-set, you will no longer have the attitude, “Okay, what's next to go wrong with this situation?” Instead, you will say, “Great! What's the next opportunity to make, not have, success come to me?”

The flexibility for action that you have when your mind-set is changed to the latter is amazing. When you have the understanding that change is right around the corner, it will give you the edge over the competition, because instead of looking into your life as a constant, stagnant model, you are continuously looking to embrace its metamorphosis into a great opportunity.

By successfully taking the change element and working with it, rather than against it, you will be ahead of the change and its time frame, thus making you more available to capitalize upon it before others, leading to greater success. “Change gives you the ability to rise above and deliver upon command, therefore leading to more positive outcomes.” Embrace your change element today for your tomorrow’s success!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Got Milk?

Good, Now Understand That Your Business is More Perishable than a Glass of Milk.

For Business Owners, this is a must to understand if they are going to generate the maximum revenue potential on a daily basis. Every night that one single widget in a particular business goes unsold, that widget has lost that day’s revenue, forever. It can never regenerate revenue for that given day again, so it becomes non-recoverable potential (left on the table) revenue.

A glass of milk has a longer shelf life than an unsold widget. If you do not drink all of the milk that you purchased today, you can at least put that milk back in the refrigerator and have some of it for tomorrow. You can repeat those above steps for at least a couple of weeks, so that you have the opportunity to receive the greatest consumption relationship to the money spent, for the value of that product. Not so for an unsold widget or for whatever product or industry that you work in. Once that day is gone, you can never sell or use that moment again for revenue generation or operational efficiency gain. With that being said, it means that every business is more perishable than a glass of milk. The business unit that you are involved in must make sure that it has a greater sense of urgency regarding this principle and acknowledge its perishable nature.

Let's say that you have eight hours to make the most money on any given day. After just one hour of that day, you have lost the opportunity of making the maximum revenue generation by 12.5%. Start thinking about how perishable your product really is, even if it has a shelf life of one hundred years. Every day that you do not maximize your revenue potential or gain greater operational efficiency; is a day that is lost forever.

Is your business running? You better go catch it and make the most money with it; it is not a glass of milk!